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Inclusive Leadership: Critical for a Competitive Advantage

Diversity without inclusion does not work

Diversity exists today in just about every part of the world and every industry sector. As the world becomes “flat” and organizations continue to globalize, a diverse workforce is commonplace.

Global organizations understand that a diverse workforce can be the primary source of competitive advantage. But simply having a diverse organization is not enough.

Successful organizations share one common characteristic. They have learned how to leverage diversity to create a unified and inclusive global culture.

This includes developing a deeper understanding of culture and cultural differences as it applies to individuals, teams, functions and organizations.

Practicing diversity and inclusion on a global scale allows for more effective talent management (attraction and retention), more effective alignment and team performance, and improved efficiency, all factors which contribute to building a high-performance organization.

To be successful, organizations and corporate leaders must embrace the differences people represent and demonstrate they are inclusive as well as diverse.

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Culture and the Customer Service Experience

Understanding cultural values, behaviors and attitudes regarding service expectations and a working knowledge of social protocol and etiquette in various cultures is essential for success today. Organizations that focus on customer service require a global perspective in their approach.

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