Four Ways Great Leaders Can Be Great Coaches


Coaching employees is essential to making sure they feel valued. Leaders who coach their workforces are not only ensuring their employees have the skills they need to do their jobs, but are also showing that they are willing to invest in them, which has high payoffs. Indeed, employees who receive training and coaching from their companies report higher levels of motivation and loyalty.

What are the characteristics of leaders who are great coaches to their employees?

They inspire. The mission of leaders who wish to coach their employees is to inspire them to look at circumstances in a different light and to see new possibilities. Such leaders make it clear that they know their employees can accomplish great things. The employees themselves then become motivated to change their mindsets and to go beyond themselves.

They set high standards. Leaders who set high standards for themselves influence employees to do the same. When a leader displays knowledge, effectiveness, competence and the ability to communicate, their employees are more likely to try and reach the same benchmarks.

They display honesty and integrity. Leaders must maintain a genuine interest in the success of the people they are coaching and commit to honest communication with them. Maintaining confidentiality of employees and giving unbiased mentoring are great ways to display honesty and integrity.

They take action. Great leaders know that the key to change is action. It is important not to get stalled planning or analyzing, but rather to think in terms of specific steps that need to be taken for people to achieve excellence.

Great coaches help employees expand their knowledge, increase output and become more engaged. Emulating the above characteristics can help great leaders take the next step and become great coaches.