Strategy Maps and the Cultural Navigator


Strategy maps are helpful tools to communicate plans across interrelated areas of a company. It’s a map of what you aspire to become as an organization – a one-page guide to help organize and communicate your efforts and resources around your corporate strategy.

Above is a sample strategy map. If your financial objectives are your top priority, what is the surest path to get there? The most effective, sustainable way is to balance your financial areas of focus with three key non-financial areas: customer satisfaction, your organization’s internal processes, and your employees’ ability to learn and innovate. By drawing a clear cause-and-effect link between the four areas, you can create a map from the base, Learning and Growth, to the top, Financial Success.

Using the Cultural Navigator is the best way to lay a solid foundation in Learning and Growth. What employees and leaders at your company gain from using the Cultural Navigator will then impact your Internal Business Processes and Customer areas, which supports your Financial goals.

As an example: supporting your global sales teams with the Cultural Navigator will greatly enhance the knowledge and skill of your sales consultants, who will then be able to better meet client needs in culturally diverse environments. This leads to greatly improved customer service, and ultimately to new or repeat contracts, thereby impacting your company’s financial success.

Creating a strategy map will help your company plot the path to success. Leveraging the Cultural Navigator will help you on your way.

Bettina Neidhardt