Using Data as a Guide


When your company expands, diversifies, enters new markets, or simply makes its current operations more globally efficient and effective, one of the key areas to support is employees’ cultural agility. Often employees’ problems with communication and collaboration are rooted in cultural gaps, and launching a company-wide cultural competence initiative is one of the most strategic steps an organization can take to boost its global performance.

There are many resources available within the Cultural Navigator that support the implementation of cultural competence initiatives, from interactive scenarios and guided learning paths, to extensive managing, hiring and negotiating information for dozens of countries.

With the Cultural Navigator in tow, there are some important steps to take in order to support the implementation of a strategic cultural competence initiative:

  • Leverage the Monthly Activity Snapshot (MAS) to identify key data about employees’ usage of different areas of the Cultural Navigator that are relevant to your organization’s specific initiative.
  • Review and define the measures and targets of your initiative with stakeholders.
  • Agree on specific measures to potentially be included in your strategy map.
  • Set targets and review your strategy map against the information provided in the MAS.

Using the MAS is the best way to see how many of your company’s employees are accessing the Cultural Navigator, what departments or functions they’re in, what languages they prefer, and what parts of the platform they’re visiting. This can help you guide them to parts of the platform that will help them the most in their professional development, and in the achievement of your cultural competence initiative.

Bettina Neidhardt