How Does the COA Help Global Businesses?


Here at TMC, we have taken proven research from the field of cultural competence and combined it with what we know to be true from our work in global leadership. We then took these insights and formed them into a comprehensive, methodologically well-grounded system to develop cultural competence: The Cultural Orientations Approach, or COA.

The COA is rooted in an anthropology-based understanding of culture and accounts for the latest discoveries in social neuroscience. It is a comprehensive system that combines an online platform and a suite of customizable learning solutions to help people realize the steps they need to take in order to go from being baffled by cultural gaps with colleagues, to understanding what lies behind those gaps and taking strategic steps to bridge them.

The COA helps organizations create and internalize a response system to the type of challenges that arise in a global, intercultural environment. The COA helps teams create more inclusive processes, and, on the individual level, it helps leaders focus on the cultural aspects of performance.

This is all particularly essential in a business world marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, or VUCA, as it is referred to in the global business environment.

Lynne Tarter