Our Evolving Perspective On Culture


Here at TMC, over the years we’ve been able to continually focus our approach on the shifting demographic realities of the modern business world, as well as on the increasing awareness of those shifts. TMC has gone from a focus on the internationalization of business in the 1980s, to concentrating on globalization and the importance of diversity and inclusion in the 1990s, to an emphasis on strategic performance in the 2000s.

We recognize that the cultural challenges of today don’t reside anymore on just the national level of culture. The internationalization of business in the 1980s certainly brought attention to cultural differences, and led TMC to fashion the Cultural Orientations Model in 1987. From that point in time, globalization took off at warp speed, and governments and organizations across the world started the conversation about diversity and inclusion, and multiculturalism. TMC responded by creating programs to guide organizations through their D&I process and to leverage multiculturalism to companies’ and employees’ advantage. More recently, the idea of strategic performance has become the focus of international businesses, and TMC developed the Strategic Performance Framework to help organizations maximize business results.

Through all of these changes in the business environment and the organizational challenges that change creates, TMC has extended and expanded its tools and solutions to create an approach to handling various aspects of culture that impact how people from all backgrounds work together.

Ken Belanger