What the COA Can Do For Organizations


The Cultural Orientations Approach (COA) is of use in helping us understand our own cultural preferences and therefore be able to understand the preferences of our colleagues and associates. It also gives us the tools we need to solve many of the typical problems that derail progress in our organizations.

First of all, some background. The COA is a comprehensive and academically grounded system to develop cultural competence, supported by a suite of customizable learning solutions offered in the online platform the Cultural Navigator.

The COA is deeply grounded in knowledge about how our brains function in familiar cultural contexts and how they react to novelty. The approach is built upon an anthropological understanding of culture, and it takes into consideration the latest discoveries of social neuroscience.

It teaches us techniques to constructively confront cultural gaps and create a shared culture for the purposes of communication and collaboration. The cultural skills put forth by the COA increase people’s and organizations’ ability to respond to the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) of the modern business world. The COA helps leaders gain the vision, understanding, clarity, agility and adaptability they need to perform in culturally complex environments.

The COA is a proven and scalable system. By having members trained as COA practitioners, organizations can become self-sufficient and use the approach within their strategic performance context. The COA helps them create inclusive organizations that leverage cultural differences in order to expand into new markets and reach new horizons.

The COA is the perfect way to adapt to a VUCA world.

Karen Walch