How do we keep learners engaged?


We have three focuses when it comes to keeping learners engaged:

  • Know the learner
  • Feed the learner
  • Connect with the learner

To know the learner means gauging what they want, what their needs are, what demographic they come from, and what motivates them. This includes what their language capabilities are, what function they are in, if they have any special needs, and whether they prefer virtual or face-to-face learning.

Feeding the learner means making sure they have access to learning opportunities 24/7. Today’s adult learners are always on the go, and need access to knowledge on their desktops, tablets and cell phones. That access has to be user-friendly and comprehensive.

To connect with the learner means situating them in practice groups and communities of excellence that allow them to engage in knowledge transfer and information sharing with their counterparts on a regular basis.

These three focuses of learning engagement initiatives help organizations make sure their employees have the knowledge and skills to keep themselves – and their company – competitive in a globalized world. 

Lynne Tarter