Using the Cultural Navigator to Execute a Company’s Strategies


TMC works with clients to help them execute their global strategies, including by offering tailor-made learning solutions. Here is an example of one company that is using the Cultural Navigator to help execute its transformation strategy for the coming year.

This company is a large, European telecom firm looking to expand its global footprint by taking innovation to the next level and becoming a leading global supplier in its market. Its first strategy is putting its clients front and center. Its current workforce is located only on the continent of Europe and has many members who do not have cross-cultural experience. How is the company going to transform its workforce through learning going forward?

The Cultural Navigator offers learning solutions to help employees at all functional and organizational levels better understand their own cultural preferences and, critically, learn how to interact and do business with those with different preferences and in different physical locations. The Cultural Navigator’s benefits to a business are represented in its four key pillars:

  • Personal – The Cultural Navigator’s content and learning opportunities are presented to the user based upon their identified interests and completed activities on the platform.
  • Collaborative – The Cultural Navigator provides each user with access to their colleagues and broader network so that they can engage in new learning opportunities.
  • Relevant – The Cultural Navigator is adapted for each organization, offering customization and unique features on a mass level, and increasing the impact of and opportunities for learning online.
  • Representative – The Cultural Navigator is representative of all of TMC’s product offerings and has the capability of streaming in any focus area through customizable Learning Paths and user-selected interest areas online.

By preparing the above company’s employees to work with people from different backgrounds, whether face-to-face or virtually – the Cultural Navigator is increasing its chances of success in expanding to new markets.

Lynne Tarter