More International Partnering: The Surprising Result of the Global Economic Crisis


The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a survey of almost 500 globally dispersed executives in 2012 and found that the downturn has spurred a premature or forced entrance into emerging markets to achieve broader diversification. Often that foray into new markets is through an international joint venture (IJV) or cross-border merger and acquisition (CB M&A).

For the companies that are launching IJV or CB M&A initiatives, it is critical that they maximize the collaborative efforts of their entire employee population in order achieve heightened results in the new structure. In order to do that, the leaders and employees of each company entering the IJV or CB M&A need to fully understand the cultural norms and practices of their counterparts – on the team, functional and organizational levels – in the other organization. This will help ensure the smooth and successful progress of the endeavor from start to finish.

Lynne Tarter