Cultural Consulting Webinar Series

Welcome to the era of global business. Cultural Competency is an essential skill for global leaders and companies doing business internationally. Organizations that focus on customer service require a global perspective in their approach. Understanding cultural values, behaviors and attitudes regarding service expectations and a working knowledge of social protocol and etiquette in various cultures is essential for success in today’s global marketplace. Technology allows us to communicate, collaborate and provide services instantaneously 24/7 with co-workers and customers in almost any part of the world. But do we have the cultural skill set and know-how that will allow us to be truly productive, provide the best customer service, and make the most of the technology that supposedly connects us? Different customer expectations and assumptions about how to provide an excellent customer service experience may pose a challenge when our customers expect quick, polite, yet thorough solutions.


Date: 11/16/11
Webinar: Turning Cultural Conflict Into a Creative Opportunity
Presenter: Matthew Hill
The cost of managing conflict within global organizations can run into the millions and can threaten the health of even the largest corporation. If the invisible differences produced by our unique cultural perspectives can be made visible, then conflict can transform into stimulating debate and opportunity.

Berlitz Senior Consultant Matthew Hill will facilitate this interactive one-hour web-based webinar to help you identify ways to create a clear pathway from cultural difference and dispute to cultural collaboration. We will introduce critical techniques and ideas to help you build competence for handling conflict positively. By recognizing your own behavior around conflict, you will be able to employ powerful methods that will help reframe conflict from a threat to a moment of creative potential, and find constructive solutions that will meet the needs of all parties concerned.

Date: 9/14/11
Webinar: Communicating Effectively Across Cultures
Presenter: Marco Chan
During this one-hour webinar, Marco Chan focuses on the challenges posed by working inside rapidly globalizing organizations. Teamwork, accurate communication and efficiency are critical for those who work together on global teams in a virtual environment.

Date: 5/18/11
Webinar: Competitive Advantage through Inclusive Leadership
Presenter: Malini Janakiraman
Berlitz Senior Consultant Malini Janakiraman, will give examples of four key skills and how they can influence inclusion on a global scale and allow for more effective talent management, alignment and team peformance and improved speed and efficiency across borders.