Building a Unifying and Inclusive Organization

Diverse global organizations exist in every part of the world and every industry sector. Successful diverse organizations, however, share one common characteristic; they have learned how to leverage diversity to create a unified and inclusive global culture. Inclusion on a global scale allows for more effective talent management (attraction and retention), more effective alignment and team performance, and improved speed and efficiency across borders. Offerings from TMC’s Global Effectiveness and Global Diversity & Inclusive Leadership provide a range of learning opportunities to develop insight, skills and behaviors that contribute to building a high-performance, inclusive global culture.

Key outcomes include:

  • Understanding of the relationship between diversity and inclusion as it pertains to leveraging the resources of a global organization
  • A deeper understanding of culture and cultural difference as it applies to individuals, teams, functions, and organizations
  • Tools and concepts for understanding individual behavior and its relationship to diversity and inclusion at various levels
  • Exposure to effective techniques and skills (understanding diversity dynamics, transforming exclusion behaviors, constructive conversations, inclusion action commitment) that can contribute to a more inclusive organization.