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Flexible, innovative strategies and learning solutions at six levels of culture, to help you reduce risk, enhance innovation and maximize effectiveness. Online. Face-to-Face.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, it is imperative to understand the critical role culture plays in organizational growth.

By focusing entirely on culture and its impact on the work environment, TMC can help your organization reduce risk, encourage innovation and maximize performance.

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TMC addresses organizational challenges unique to each of the six levels of culture, which include:

  • National/Societal; each nation or society is known to have its unique “culture”. To be effective in managing global talent and teams, it is essential to understand this level of culture.
  • Social Identity Group; each ethnic, religious, demographic or psychographic group has its own culture. To leverage diversity it is critical to account for the cultures of each social group.
  • Organizational; each organization is said to have its own culture, making mergers and acquisitions and global matrix teams difficult to manage effectively.
  • Functional; within each organization functions have their own cultures. For example the IT department might have a different culture than the marketing department. To build cross-functional effectiveness and collaboration addressing functional cultures is essential.
  • Team; Building a team is not an easy task even if the team are all in the same department or have the same goals. Team effectiveness requires understanding the culture of the team members.
  • Individual (inter and intra-personal); each person has their own unique culture. Operating within any organization, employees must be culturally developed for maximum individual and organizational growth.