Web Courses

Fortune 500 companies and MBA programs world-wide use TMC’s web-courses to develop global mindsets for their managers and students.

The globalization of business and the multicultural make-up of workforces require today's managers to develop cultural competence. This involves understanding the culture-based work style and communication preferences of countries around the world. For those conducting business within a country, a general understanding of the country, culture, management styles and cultural orientations of the country is essential to bridge cultural differences.

Doing Business in… (Country) Series

TMC’s Doing Business in…(Country) Series guide participants through a series of informative modules that present material on general cultural and management practices in a specific country. Beginning with an introduction to the country, the course utilizes the Cultural Orientations Model™ and the Cultural Orientations Indicator® (COI) assessment to compare and contrast the participant’s cultural preferences with that of the specific country.

Available Countries

USA Spain Brazil
India Germany Mexico
China UK Poland
Russia Japan Taiwan
Belgium Philippines  

Generational Diversity Series

Introduction to Generational Diversity (web-course) – a 20-minute online learning experience that provides a cost-effective solution to respond to the growing demands of working in a multigenerational global marketplace.
This web learning solution will enable you to assess the critical issues around generational diversity that exist within your own organization, while also helping to identify ways to contribute to an organizational climate and culture in which members of diverse generations all feel valued, included, and fully engaged.
Insights: Generational Diversity (web-course) – a 45 minute web learning solution that will allow you to explore the issues and applications of generational diversity more deeply. As a pre-requisite for this course, you have completed the Introduction to Generational Diversity web-course, which built awareness and knowledge around the issue of generational diversity. In this course you will be able to link a more in-depth treatment of the topic to actions that can be implemented in your own team and work environment.
In this course you will:
  • Explore data and feedback related to age diversity
  • Identify critical skills, behaviors, and practices for managing yourself and others in generational interactions
  • Develop an individual action plan addressing generational diversity